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Closed Loop Recycling

Gravita, established in 1992, is India’s largest material recycling organization and is known for environment friendly recycling of lead, Aluminium and plastic and also offering turnkey solutions for recycling to industry players.
In 2000 we initiated our efforts to Go Global and presently we have our presence in more than 50 countries including our manufacturing locations are spread over in India, Sri Lanka, Africa and central America.
Gravita’s Indian operations located at Phagi (Rajasthan) and Chittoor (A.P) are the only recycling operations in India those are accredited by “International Lead Association (ILA)”. ILA is known for promoting high level of EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) in scrap battery recycling.
Our more than 50% revenue flows from overseas market. Our products and services offer distinctive solutions to the customers worldwide. We are catering to widespread diversified customer base. We deploy latest technology in recycling and produce stringent quality specification.
Gravita is engaged in various CSR activities and engages neighboring villages to generate jobs, medical camps for health check-up and support in education.
Our Organization is constantly evolving sustainable environment friendly solutions and closely working with UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), ILA (International Lead Association) and ILZDA (India Lead Zinc development Association) for environment protection.